Railways in Worcestershire

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Waseley Hills Country Park


Grid Reference: SO 973782

Waseley Hills Country Park is the best starting point for a visit to Dowery Dell viaduct. The signposted 'IIley Way' footpath starts near to the car park and leads directly to the viaduct. To get to the footpath turn left outside the car park and cross the M5 motorway. Turn right into Newtown Lane and the Illey Way leads off to the left after about 50 yards. By continuing down this road you pass over the old Halesowen Railway line at Yew Tree Lane.

From Windmill Hill to the Malvern Hills

A brisk walk up Windmill Hill from the visitor centre brings rewarding views over the nearby countryside. The view above is looking out over the whole of Worcestershire with the Malvern Hills on the skyline.

M5 motorway looking north

From the vantage point at the top of the hill the course of the Halesowen Railway from Rubery to the point where it is intersected by the M5 motorway can be determined. In the photograph above this is marked by the straight line of trees that end just to the right of the electricity pylon (about two thirds of the way up the picture).

Amongst the other prominent landmarks is the tower at the former Hollymoor Hospital.

In addition to car parking (chargeable via a Pay and Display meter) there are public toilets here and also a very good cafe and picnic area.

Waseley Hills Cafe

All photographs taken by Andrew Smith on 5th July 2003.

The North Worcestershire Path runs through the centre of the park. At the cafe you can buy the 'Illustrated Guide To Waseley Hills Country Park':

Waseley Hills Brochure

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