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News 2022

The early part of 2022 continued to see trains of stored stock going to and from Long Marston.  On 31st January 2022 Steve Widdowson was at the overbridge at Norton, near Worcester where he photographed class 37 diesel locomotive No.37800 with class 465 electric multiple units Nos.465015, 465020 and 465008. The train had come from Wimbledon Park.
The first part of 2022 saw new class 196 diesel multiple units being taken to Long Marston for storage.  A welcome return to Worcester for class 50 diesel locomotive No.50008 with class 196 diesel multiple unit No.196108.
We are very grateful to Steve Widdowson for answering one of the long-standing queries on this site.  This being the date when the remains of Worcester's original passenger/running shed was demolished.  After steam operation had ceased at Worcester this shed was converted to one through road and two dead end tracks.  Later the shed roof was removed leaving just the walls.  It can now be confirmed that these were demolished in December 1989.  This information has been added to the 1985-1989 page and the photograph is also reproduced below. Thanks Steve

The May timetable changes bring about a major and unwelcome gift to the county as from that day the regular two-hour interval trains from Great Malvern to the South-West  will cease.  These services all went to Bristol where they changed direction and dwelt for a long time in Temple Meads Station (useful to make up for any late running).  Recently these taisn have been operated using three cars class 158s or class 165/166 diesel multiple units.  This changes ends all of the direct services from Malvern to Ashchurch, Cheltenham and Gloucester and coincides with the news that the bus service from Ledbury to Gloucester will also cease.
The photograph, taken by Andrew Smith, shows class 158 diesel multiple unit No.158958 waiting at Malvern Wells before working the 10.41 service to Brighton (train code No.1O98).
The Blue Pullman HST passed through the county on 13th April 2022 with the long distance 05.15 Bangor - Kingswear special for insomniacs.  An early start is inevitable when the distance is 335 miles each way, but that's the stuff of 1960s WLS coach tours.  The train passed Spetchley 10min early at 10.03 with substitute power car 43049 on the front.    
The return working's booked time at Eckington was 19.51, actual was 19.53, sunset was officially 20.02 .  The exposure was 1/1000th sec. @ f2.2 using ISO 1600 and ⅓-stop deliberate underexposure, equivalent to 1/30th sec. @ f/2 with Agfa CT18 slide film. The class 43 locomotive is No.43046.

Both photographs were taken by Robert Pritchard.
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