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- Railways in Worcestershire


This page contains an index to major parts of this web site and link to all of the major articles that appear within the site some of were difficult to locate until this index was created. This index is an evolving project and so from time to time other index items will be added. The latest update was on 1/11/2013.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. This is a list of people who have supplied details, corrections or photographs for use on this site. Please remember that all photographs used on this site remain the property of their owners and must not be used elsewhere without prior permission from the copyright holders.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. An index to all publications consulted by this web site including a review of what can be found in each book and details of how to acquire or consult a copy of the publication. We will gladly review new publications sent to us (email:acs1951@live.co.uk). Some more book notes can be found in the Acknowledgements section.

CONTACTS. The primary point of contact for this site is Andrew Smith. Please email me using the link at the top of this page

ENCYCLOPEDIA. A list of railway locomotives that carried names that have a connection with a place, person or event in Worcestershire.

LINESIDE OBSERVATIONS & SHED VISITS. Within this section are two major articles. These are extensive lists of locomotives seen on various dates at many major locations in the county and details of various Worcester Locomotives Society visits to site all England.

LINKS. Links to interesting external sites.

Index of steam locomotive photos

Index of diesel locomotive photos

Index of diesel multiple units, electric locos and electric multiple units and other photos

LOCOMOTIVE SHEDS. This section provides details and links to all of the railway locomotives sheds in Worcestershire.

MALVERN HILLS. An article about the use of narrow gauge railways in the Malvern Hills including information provided by the Industrial Railways Society and the Malvern Hills Conservators.

MAPS. A selection of maps showing the location of railways in Worcestershire.

NOTES. Sundry notes and jottings and requests for information.

PEOPLE. An index to major figures in the history of the development of railways in Worcestershire

PLACES. This section is not completed and at the moment has only one entry for the former Worcestershire Hotel at Droitwich.

PRESERVATION LOCATIONS. This is the index page that links to pages containing details of preserved and minor railways in Worcestershire.

RAILTOURS. Some special trains over the years.

RAILWAY LINES. This section contains a means of viewing all of the railway lines in Worcestershire and allows each lines to be explored in the order that it is reached by the train. Most journeys take Worcester as their starting point.

85A RAILWAYMEN'S REUNION's. Photographs taken at the 85A Railwaymen's Reunions in 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 215.

A tribute to Worcester Driver, Jack Saunders

STORED DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES AT WORCESTER. A detailed look at the use of Worcester sheds for the storage of diesel locomotives during the period from 1966 to 1969.

TRAMS. In this section are a selection of photographs showing trams in use in Worcester. There is also a list of all other tramways in Worcestershire.

WAGONS. Photogrpahs of the wagons in the county.

WALKS. A selection of places to walk in Worcestershire where you will find evidence of long closes railways. Includes places to eat.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN THE 1960s. Photographs and notes from around the county between 1960 and 1969. Includes sections about 1960 to 1962; 1963 & 1964; 1965 & 1966 and 1967 to 1969.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN THE 1970s. Photographs and notes from around the county between 1970 and 1979.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN THE 1980s. Photographs and notes from around the county between 1980 and 1989.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN THE 1990s. Photographs and notes from around the county between 1990 and 1999.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN THE 2000s. Photographs and notes from around the county between 2000 to 2009.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN 2011. Photographs and notes from around the county in 2011.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN 2012. Photographs and notes from around the county in 2012.

WORCESTERSHIRE IN 2013. Photographs and notes from around the county in 2013.

Worcester locomotives at other locations. Photographs of Worcestershire based engines outside the county.

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