Railways in Worcestershire

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This section lists all of the major publications that have been consulted in the preparation of this web site followed by other publications, web sites, individuals and organisations. Where conflicting information has been found an attempt has been made to resolve the differences. Where this has not been possible dubious or alternate information is indicated as such in the text. An "*" indicates that a copy is held in the Archives of the MIAC.


Birmingham to Bristol Portrait of a Famous Midland Route (Part One) (*)

(Stephen Mourton & Bob Pixton, Runpast Publications, 2001, ISBN 1 870754 53 0)

This book is a detailed look at the Birmingham to Bristol railway line (part one covers the Birmingham to Cheltenham section). It is A4 size with 96 pages of photographs with very interesting and informative text . Quality of reproduction of the photographs is excellent with many of the photographs being previously unpublished. Absolutely superb and unbeatable value.

Central Birmingham book

Central Birmingham (*)

Andrew Doherty

Silver Link Publishing Ltd


ISBN 978 1 85794 298 9

The Black Country and South Staffordshire (*)

Andrew Doherty

Silver Link Publishing Ltd


ISBN 978 1 85794 322 1

The Birmingham West Suburban Railway (*)

John Edgington

Midland Railway Society


No ISBN number

Coal Mining Around Halesowen (*)


Heartland Press


ISBN 0 9517755.9.6

Freight Only Book

Freight Only - Volume 2: Southern & Central England

Michael Rhodes & Paul Shannon

Silver Link Publishing Ltd


ISBN: 0947971246

GWR Stations, Layouts and Illustrations, Volume Four

C.R. Potts, Oxford Publishing Co, 1985, ISBN 0 86093 1919)

For those seeking to model layouts of any of the key stations in Worcestershire during GWR/BR days this is the definitive volume of this extensive but somewhat haphazard review of stations. Rather than provide layouts by area the author has chosen places seeming at random thus this volume include not only Worcester but also places as far afield as Yeovil, Corwen and Taplow. This criticism apart this volume in the series covers Droitwich, Great Malvern, Malvern Wells, (but not Malvern Link!), Hartlebury, Henwick, Honeybourne, Stourbridge and Worcester. As well as full descriptions of the locations there are ample black & white photographs and line drawings showing layouts of trackwork and buildings. A fascinating work that is obviously the product of much exhaustive research.

Industrial Railways and Locomotives of Worcestershire (*)

Andrew C. Smith

Industrial Railway Society


ISBN 1 901556 32 8

This book lists all the industrial sites and locomotives known to have been used in the County together with full details about all of the contractors who built the main line railways. There is also a section on numerous non-locomotive and hand worked lines as well as covering the present preserved railways in the county (n.b the book covers the current county not the one that existed in 1900).

Lost Railways book

Herefordshire & Worcestershire's Lost Railways (*)

Peter Dale

Stenlake Publishing Ltd


ISBN 1 84033 313 8

Lost Lines - Birmingham and the Black Country (*)

Nigel Welborne

Ian Allan Ltd

2002, reprinted 2006

ISBN 0 7110 2844 3

Lost Railways of Herefordshire & Worcestershire (*)

Leslie Oppitz

Countryside Books

2002, reprinted 2004

ISBN 1 85306 754 7

Middleton Press

Moreton-in-Marsh to Worcester (*)

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 1 904474 26 8


Worcester to Hereford (*)

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 1 904474 38 1


Bromsgrove to Gloucester (*)

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 1 904474 73 X

Cheltenham to Redditch (*)

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 1 904474 81 0

Bromsgrove to Birmingham (*)

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 1 904474 87 X

Worcester to Birmingham (*)

Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 1 904474 97 5

Kidderminster to Shrewsbury (*)

Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 978 1 906009 10 9

Branch Lines Around Cleobury Mortimer (*)

Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith

Middleton Press


ISBN 978 1 906009 18 5

These books are part of the authors' mammoth project for 'Evolving the Ultimate Rail Encyclopedia'.

Oxford - Hereford Line book

Oxford - Hereford Line (*)

Geoffrey Body, MCIT

British Rail (Western) & Avon-AngliA Publications & Services


ISBN 0 905466 72 1

NE/SW Main Mine Album (*)

John Chalcraft

Ian Allan


ISBN 0 7220 2272 9

John Chalcraft's book covers the sections of this line from Bristol and Cardiff to Leeds and York. Like all Ian Allan books of the period the printing is exemplary and some of John's photos display a magical quality.

The Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway (*)

(S.C.Jenkins & H.I.Quayle, The Oakwood Press, 1977)

This book provided essential background reading about the early years of the railways at Worcester. However the next book is better if you are seeking more modern information.

The Oxford Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway (*)

John Boynton

Mid England Books


ISBN 0 9540839 0 3

The book is well printed and highly recommended.

Oxford Worcester & Wolverhampton - Portrait of a Famous Route (*)

(Bob Pixton, Runpast Publications, 2003 & 2004, Part One (Oxford to Worcester) ISBN 1 870754 59X; Part Two (Worcester to Wolverhampton) ISBN 1 870754 60 3)

This work, which is published in two volumes, is primarily a picture album with extended captions. All the photographs are in black and white and many have not previously been published but there is a smattering of familiar material also. It is the quality of the printing and choice of photos that makes these books an enjoyable experience. There are 96 A4 sized pages in each book.

The first half of Part One covers Oxfordshire before giving an extended selection of photos at Honeybourne. The book then makes its way down the main line to Worcester including a rather nice photo of a GWR bus at Pershore. Highlight of a selection of photos at Worcester is 'Hall' class No.7928 'Wolf Hall' passing the Metal Box sidings at Perry Wood.

Part Two has a further selection of photos at Worcester before making its way to Droitwich (represented by an ex LMSR 2-6-0 No.42822 in 1949), Stourbridge (where there is a fine photo of GWR 4-4-0 No.9073 taken in 1947), Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Some of the captions are way off the mark such as the suggestion in the text to Adrian Booth's photo on page 94 as of No.7025 'Sudeley Castle' outside the goods engine shed at Worcester that 'the larger (engine) shed has been demolished (by 1964)'. The goods engine shed was also the furthest one away from the Shrub Hill to Droitwich line not the nearest as stated in the text.

A similar error occurs on page 11 in Part Two in the caption to one of C.H.A. Townley's photos taken on 17th July 1953 of a loco emerging from Underwood's Coal Siding where it states that it shows 'the (goods engine) shed that was demolished in the 1950s' (despite it being in Adrian's picture in Part One of No.7025 'Sudeley Castle which was taken in 1964.

These historical quibbles apart this book was an most enjoyable read.

Past & Present Series

Several books in this series cover locations in Worcestershire and these are listed below.

Past & Present 5 - The West Midlands (*) REVIEW TO FOLLOW

John Whitehouse & Geoff Dowling


ISBN 1 858950 75 9

Past & Present volume 15

Past & Present 15- Oxfordshire (*)

Lawrence Waters & Tony Doyle


Silver Link Publishing

ISBN 0 947971 87 4

Past & Present volume 16

Past and Present 16 - Avon, Cotswolds and the Malverns (*)

John Whitehouse & Geoff Dowling

Past & Present Publishing Ltd

1993 and subsequent revised editions

ISBN 1 85895 077 5

Past & Present 33

Past and Present 33 - Worcestershire (*)

Roger Siviter

Past & Present Publishing Ltd


ISBN 1 85895 161 5

Past & Present 61

Past and Present 61 - Birmingham (*)

John Whitehouse & Geoff Dowling

Past & Present Publishing Ltd


ISBN 1 85895 260 4

Railways of the Black Country - Volume One The Byways (*)

(Ned Williams, Uralia Press, 1984, ISBN 0 9500533 8 4)

This book is by same author as the one above and follows a similar pattern. There is a very good section about the lines around Halesowen.

Railways of the Cotswolds book

Railways of the Cotswolds (*)

Colin Maggs

Peter Nicholson Publishing


ISBN 0 907036 07 4

Railways of the Cotswolds book

Steam Trails: Cotswolds and South Midlands(*)

Michael Clemens

Ian Allan


ISBN 978 0 7110 3220 0

Rails through the Hills (*)

John Boynton

Mid England Books


ISBN 0 952228 2 8

The Birmingham and Gloucester Railway (*)

(P.J. Long and Reverend W.V. Awdry, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1987, ISBN 0 862993 29 6).

This seems to be the definitive guide to this railway line and includes a wealth of detail, photographs and statistical information. Recommended.

The Birmingham Gloucester Line (*)

Colin Maggs

Line One Publishing Limited


ISBN 0 907036 10 4

This book provides a history of the line, many historic photographs and good track plans.

Steam on the Great Western: Severn & Cotswolds (*)

(Rex Kennedy, Ian Allan, 1993, ISBN 0 7110 2064 7)

Like myself, Rex was educated at Worcester Royal Grammar School and he was very active throughout the last twenty years of steam at Worcester. The book contains a wealth of notes and photographs covering an area from Shrewsbury, through Worcester to Oxford. This book is a must for anyone interested in the railways of Worcestershire and the Great Western Railway.

Steam in Action: Castles (*)

(Lawrence Walters, Ian Allan, 1991, ISBN 0 7110 2006 X)

The author has drawn on the material held by the Great Western Trust at Didcot for this fascinating insight into the GWR’s express locomotives. There are many photographs of the Worcester to Paddington express trains in the final years of steam coverage including some in colour. There are also extensive and useful lists in seven appendices.

This issue in John’s continuing series of books covers the Birmingham to Worcester and Hereford lines.

The Bromyard Railway (*)

William H.Smith


ISBN 0 953477 50 9

The Railways of Dudley (*)

(Ned Williams, Uralia Press, 1994, ISBN 1 898528 02 0)

The author can be relied upon to undertake comprehensive research about his subject and this book does not disappoint with its 80 pages of A4 being packed with interesting information. The section about the Earl of Dudley's Railways is particularly impressive.

The Railway at Kidderminster in the 1940s (*)

(A.J.Turley, published by the author, 2005, ISBN 0-9537869-2-7)

Within the 141 pages of A4 in the book can be found the most amazing wealth of information about Kidderminster's railways in the 1940s. The author lived near to the railway and seems to have spent every waking hour recording the scene with pen and paper and in photographs. There are numerous lists of locos seen and details about such rarely recorded events as the Hospital Trains during World War 2. The photographic selection is truly amazing and that alone would recommend this book. A must to anyone interested in the GWR

The Railways of Cadbury and Bourneville (*)

(Derek Sharpe, Bournbrook Publications, 2002, ISBN 0 954212 90 8)

The 100 page A4 size book contains detailed information about not just the Cadbury factory but also the Midland Railway engine shed at Bourneville. There is a lot of detailed and interesting information in this book that is well illustrated with a good selection of both black and white and colour photographs.

The Railways of Stourbridge (*)

(Clive Butcher, The Oakwood Press, 1998, ISBN 0 85361 533 0)

This is a work of monumental proportions weighing in at 256 pages with just about everything you need to know about the railways at Stourbridge. Highly enjoyable

The Severn Valley Railway

(Roger Siviter, The Nostalgia Collection, 1998, ISBN 1 85895 145 3)

This is another book that it is well worth getting hold of, even though some of the book covers areas outside of the county. The author provides good coverage by extending his remit to include stations from Kidderminster to Worcester. The bulk of the book comprises of 'before' and 'after' photos of locations on the Severn Valley Railway and the branch to Tenbury Wells.

This book are packed with photographs and information.

The Severn Valley Railway (*)

(John Marshall, David & Charles, 1989, ISBN 0946537 45 3)

This book is a detailed record of the history of the Sever Valley Railway from its origins beyond closure by BR and into the era of the new preservation company. The author draws on many sources of information and there is also a nice selection of black and white photographs. This book is recommended.

The Tenbury & Bewdley Railway (*)

(Keith Beddoes & William H.Smith, Wild Swan Publications, 1995, ISBN 1 874103 27 5)

This excellent book contains over 200 pages packed full of information and photographs about the history of this railway. The quality of the printing of the photographs is superb and this alone justifies the price of this book. Essential reading. Highly commended.

The West Midland Lines of the GWR (*)

(Keith M.Beck, Ian Allan, 1983, ISBN 0 7110 1211 3)

This book is now out of print but it is well worth trying to get hold of as it contains over 100 pages of photographs and text. It covers in detail the major lines in Worcestershire that later became part of the Great Western Railway.

Vanishing Points (*)

Steam in Worcestershire

Michael Dowty,

Alan Sutton Publishing


ISBN 0 86299 286 9


This is a brave effort and worth getting if you see it.

The Kinver Light Railway (*)

(S.L. Swingle & K. Turner, The Oakwood Press, Locomotion Papers No.73, 1987, ISBN 0 85361 333 8)

The Kinver Light Railways qualifies for an entry on this site by virtue of its southerly terminus being at Amblecote, Stourbridge. When time permits we will write a proper page on the Railway but until then you can do no better than obtain this definitive little volume with 52 pages of facts and figures and some really nice black & white photographs.


Oxford book

Rail Centres: No.9 - Oxford (*)

Laurence Waters

Ian Allan/Booklaw Publications


ISBN 1-901945-19-7

Whishaw's Railways of Great Britain & Ireland (*)

This book was first printed in 1842 but was reprinted by David & Charles in 1969. It is nevertheless long since out of print and difficult to obtain. Francis Whishaw who wrote the original was a Civil Engineer and this book details many early railways from his viewpoint. He devotes nearly 14 pages to the Birmingham & Gloucester Railway and also include a line drawing of a locomotive. Very information information but the book is perhaps best referred to in a library archive.

The Worcester & Birmingham Canal (*)

(Revd. Alan White, Brewin Books, 2005, ISBN 1 85858 261 X £19.99)

Although the history of canals is outside the scope of this web site this is a fascinating reference work that will be of interest to many of our readers. Packed with maps and good quality photographs the author has produced the definitive work on this subject. There is a chapter devoted to the history of tramways that had links with the canal and some other historical information of interest to railway enthusiasts. The book is excellent value and highly recommended.


Worcester Locomotive Society (*)


'The Big Four' magazine


Most of the issues of this journal contain some information about the locomotives and railways of Worcestershire.

Worcestershire Railways (*)

(Mike Hitches, Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1997, ISBN 0 7509 1367 3)

This is an excellent book with many details of the history of railways in Worcestershire as they existed in 1900. There is a series of good photographs of many of the long closed stations and the accompanying narrative is both clear and informative. For information the photo at the bottom of page 113 is captioned Bransford Road in error for Newland Halt. There is a similar book by the same author on Warwickshire Railways. Recommended.

Other Reference Sources

British Steam Locomotive Builders (*), James W. Lowe, Guild Publishing, London, 1985, reprinted 1989, ISBN 0 905100 81 6.

This is an invaluable guild to all builders of locomotives in the UK. It is the only known published source of a list of locomotives built by the Worcester Engine Company.

City of Worcester Guides - 1960, 1980 and 1982 (*)

For general information about firms in Worcester

The Defence of Worcestershire and the southern approaches to Birmingham in World War 2. (*)

Mick Watts, Longaston Press, 2007, ISBN 978 1 904396 80 2.

This fascinating book provides an interesting insight into how it was planned to defend the county during World War 2 including a section on the RoF factory at Blackpole.

Magazine Articles and Other Publications

The following magazines and other publications contain very interesting articles and photographs:

Back Track

Summer 1997 - 'More Light on the Lickey' by C.P. Atkins and 'Banking after Bertha' by Bob Danes. Two articles over five pages with twelve photographs.

May 1996 - 'The Worcester Line' by Stanford Jacobs. Seven page article with ten photographs.

March & April 2002 - 'Happy End - Redditch' two-part article by Geoffrey Skelsey. Thirteen pages over two issues with eleven photographs.

August 2003 - 'Oxford to Worcester Line' by Michael Mensing featuring nine of his classic photographs.

January 2004 - 'On the Worcester Line Again' by Michael Mensing and Derek Penney. More classic photography.

May 2009 - The World of Worcester' by David Idle with three photographs.

August 2009 - 'More on the Malvern Line' by Michael Mensing. Seven classic photographs including two at Henwick Station.

British Railway Illustrated

Volume 4 April & May 1992 - 'Wandering Worsdells' by Chris Hawkins includes photographs of LNER locomotives at Worcester in the 1940s.

Volume 7 No.2, November 1997 - '72 hours at Worcester' (from 8/7/58) by Ian Sixsmith. This extensive article is full of fascinating maps, photographs and technical notes. (*)

September 2000 - Last Days for the Hereford's August 1963. 'Hymeks' and 'Castles' at Paddington

April & May 2005 - Two extensive articles by Bryan Wilson about the operation of the Lickey Incline.

Volume 13 No.10, July 2004 - 'Urchin Tales' by Adrian Booth. Article about a rail tour to Worcester in 1964. *)

British Railway Journal

No.11 Spring 1986 - 'Birmingham & Gloucester Railway and the Lickey Incline' by Peter Truman. Written article with eleven classic photographs.

No.28 Autumn 1989 - 'Going Great Western in the 1940s' by V.R. Webster includes photographs of Worcester sheds in the 1940s.

No.45 Winter 1993 - ' Upton-upon-Severn' by Roger Carpenter. 11 page article with 16 photographs.

Great Western Journal

(Wild Swan Publications Ltd)

Spring 1995 No.14. Worcester Shrub Hill. Four photographs.
Spring 1998 No.26 Pershore Fruit and Vegetable Traffic by Harold Tuppen. Ten-page article with twelve superb photographs.
Spring 2004 No.50 Worcester Shrub Hill in the 1930s and 1940s by Harold Tuppen. Comprehensive forty-page article with maps. Details about the engine sheds, yards, Wylds Lane and the Vinegar Works branch. Thirty-five photographs.
Spring 2005 No.54 (*). This issue of the Journal contains a detailed article covering fifteen pages about the 'Vinegar Works' branch line in Worcester. One or two errors have crept into what us otherwise an accurate and excellent description of the history of the line eg the map on page 314 suggests that the Vulcan (Iron) Works was situated on the site of the Omnibus Depot whereas the original buildings were immediately to the south on the depot on the other side of Cromwell Street also the suggestion that he branch line crossed Pheasant Street twice is in error: the correct sequence of roads crossed being Shrub Hill Road, Padmore Street and Pheasant Street. The article contains an excellent aerial photograph of the Worcester Engine Works taken in 1934 but alas provides no light on the location of Heenan & Froude's engine shed.
Summer and Autumn 2011 (Nos.79 & 80) Honeybourne Junction by Richard Parker, John Copsey and Chris Turner. Sixty-one pages of written material over two issues with maps and lists of station staff etc and thirty-two photographs. Recommended.

Winter 2015 No.93 (*). This issue features a twelve page article on Worcester Running Shed in the 1950s and 60s written by Brian Penney and Richard Parker. Includes a double page line drawing of the depot ared and nine facinating photographs. Commended.

The Railway Magazine (*)

Over the many years that The Railway Magazine has been published the railways of Worcestershire have not featured very often but when they have it has usually been with very interesting and informative articles. In particular the following issues are to be commended:

August 1935 - a letter from H. Pearce Higgins about the Bromsgrove boiler explosion of 1840.(*) See this page for details

July 1953 - 'Stoke works: An unusual station' by William Skillern, a five page written article with one photograph from the 'up 'platform and a full page map of the railways in the Stoke Works area showing the present junction (1953) and the railways to the salt works as authorised in 1845. (*)
September 1953 - five page article titled 'The Railways of Halesowen' by P.B. Whitehouse with a map of the railways serving Halesowen and four photographs.
December 1953 - six page article on the Worcester, Bromyard & Leominster Railway by C.R. Clinker with a history of this line from 1853 to 1953. Includes photos at Bromyard Station, Suckley, Rowden Mill Station (closed by then) and of No.4573 at Knightwick on 22nd August 1953. (*)
July 1958 - Details of a run from Paddington to Worcester logged by Cecil J. Allen.
April 1959 - three page article on the Vinegar Works Branch Railway by Anthony A.Vickers. This is a well known and researched article much quoted from by other sources. Illustrated with photos from the author's own collection including one showing the lifting bascule type bridge. (*)
July and August 1959 - These two issues feature J.E. Norris's definitive article on The Worcester & Hereford Railway. Well illustrated with photographs from various sources. There are good pictures of No.4153 crossing the Worcester & Birmingham Canal and of No.2938 'Corsham Court' at Malvern Link. (*)
October 1960 - Notes and tow photographs about the removal of the Butts Branch bridge at Croft Road, Worcester.
July 1962 - Two photographs showing Hinton and Ashton under Hill stations on the Ashchurch to Evesham line.
July 1964 - Notes about ex-GWR 'Castle' class 4-6-0 No.5054 'Earl of Ducie'.
September 1971 - Article called 'A Summer Saturday on the Lickey' by Geoffrey Bannister with photographs of diesel locomotives on the incline.
January 1990 - seven pages and thirteen photographs about ex-GWR 'Castle' class 4-6-0 steam locomotives on Paddington line trains and Worcester sheds.

Trains Illustrated to 1962; Modern Railways from 1963 (*)

July 1952 - Group photograph of railwaymen at Worcester in front of No.6334.

January to March 1957 - 'Birmingham Bristol Main Line of the Midland' (three parts) by G. Freeman Allan. 21 pages of maps and photographs with details about all of the stations.

August 1959 - A Worcester Industrial Line' by T.A.C. Rudway. Short article with two photographs about the Vinegar Works line.

February 1954 - 'The Cleobury Mortimer & Ditton Priors Light Railway' by Geoff Bannister. Short article with photographs.

September 1958 - "The Longbridge, Halesowen & Old Hill Branch' by S.L. Jacobs. Good article with six photographs and map.

May 1961 - 'Ashchurch, Upton-upon-Severn, Tewkesbury Branch Services under the Axe'. Photographs of stations threatened with closure.

September 1965 - 'Diesel Traction on the Western'. Photographs at Worcester shed and Newland.

September 1973 - 'A Question of Grant Aid' (Worcester to Hereford) by John Boynton (*)

November 1977 - 'Reflections At Worcester' by John Boynton. (*)

December 1989 - 'New Life in the West Midlands' by John Boynton. (*)

May 1993 - 'Regional Railways Central' by James Abbott. (*)

March 1996 - 'West Midlands Growth' by Mark Causebrook. (*)

Patent No.17195 of 1895 (*)

The patent was accepted on 26th October 1895 and was called "Dutton and Neville's Apparatus for Ensuring Safety on Single Lines of railway". Ref: Patent No.17195 (copy held in the Archives of the MIAC).

Railway Bylines

October & November 1997 - Stourport Power Station by Adrian Booth, Written article over eight pages with eleven photographs showing an aerial view of the site, with various views of the motive power and site views.

Railway Bylines Annual No.5

(ISBN 1 903266 24-6)

This publication covers many different railway systems across the U.K. but Annual No.5 features a definitive article titled 'Branch Lines of Halesowen' by Oswald J.Barker. The author devotes over 20 pages to recording the history of this railway and lavishly illustrates the article with many maps, diagrams and photographs collected for a variety of sources. This is a must for anyone interested in the Halesowen Railway.

Severn Valley Railway Journal

Severn Valley Railway News (*)

Severn Valley Railway Company

Periodic Magazine

Railway World

February 1958. 240 miles on the footplate of a Castle by Pat Dalton. A written article on an up & down run, Worcester-Paddington-Worcester featuring Harry Cureton, Inspector Wade, driver Widdowsan & fireman Dancox, written over five pages with six photographs showing 4-6-0 'Castle' class steam locomotive No.7007 'Great Western' outside Worcester passenger shed and three express trains at Pershore and Stoulton.

Steam Days

Most issues of this popular magazine contain interesting items and articles that refer, possibly indirectly to railways in Worcester. The following are of particular note:

May 1993. A Castle on the Worcester Road by Colin J. Chunchen. A four-page article with six photographs on the Paddington Expresses written by the author who had access to the footplate to accompany Driver Crocker and fireman Dennis from Oxford to Worcester and also driver Smith and fireman Smith using No.7037 'Swindon' and No.7005 'Sir Edward Elgar'.
July 1993 & August 1993. Steam on the Lickey Incline (*) by Derek Harrison. A two-parter reflecting on the history and subsequent development of Britain's steepest main-line incline. Part one covers the period to 1947 with later history in part two.
December 1993. Steam Days at Worcester. Rex Kennedy recalls steam at Worcester in eleven pages with eighteen photographs and a map.
September 1994. Main Line Steam - Decline and Fall by Michael Harris. Ten page article with sixteen photographs about the Paddington, Worcester and Hereford services.
December 1996. The Malverns by Rex Kennedy. Nine page article with nineteen photographs about the three stations at Malvern.
July 1998. Life before Preservation - Severn Valley Railway (*) by Michael Harris. This article is superbly illustrated with a wide variety of interesting views to accompany a very readable text.
January 1999. The Bromyard Branch by Stanley Jenkins. Twelve page article with sixteen photographs.
March 2000. The Great Western 'Castles' (*) by John Hodge. This is a generic history of the 'Castles' including some nice photographs of Worcester based examples.
January 2001. Gloucester GWR and BR Western Region (*) by Stanley Jenkins. A lengthy history of the development of railways in nearby Gloucestershire which includes a superb photograph by W. Potter showing Horton Road shed on 16th October 1965.
October 2001. Ashchurch to Malvern. A large article by David Postle about the Ashchurch to Malvern railway. (*)
December 2001. Steam Days at Hereford by William H. Smith and Gordon Wood. Comprehensive article.
February 2002. The Vinegar Works Express by Rex Kennedy and Howard Griffiths. Howard, a former 85A firemen used to fire on the branch line and so this article provides a good perspective on the difficulty of working the steeply graded line. Four pages with seven photographs.
May 2004. Castle Swansong (*). Account by Andrew Wilson of the special high-speed run between Paddington and Plymouth on 9th May 1964. There are some superb photographs to accompany the article.
December 2005 Hereford & Worcester weeds & all. Chris Gammel travels on the last train over the Worcester to Bromyard line and then on to Leominster in 1958 - plus other lines in the area, written over five pages with six photographs showing Presteigne station, 4571 on the SLS special last train, Easton Court, Kington, Ludlow and Wooferton stations.
July 2006. Steam on the Lickey Incline. Photographic feature in colour over eight pages with fifteen photographs.
September 2006. Special Working on the Redditch Line by Bob Yate. Eight page article with fifteen photographs.
February 2007. Steam Days in Colour on the Worcester to Oxford line. Eight pages consisting of fifteen photographs.
June 2008. Summer Saturdays at Hereford (*) by Steve Bartlett. Steve recalls Hereford in the summer of 1963 with its numerous Summer Saturday holiday excursions over the North & West route interspersed with the last express passenger workings for Worcester's 'Castle class' 4-6-0s.
November 2009 (*). There are two articles of interest in this issue. Firstly 'A Summer Saturday at Paddington' by Alan Teatherton gives details of locomotive movements in July 1957 - including those on Hereford & Worcester express services. There is also an interesting and detailed article titled 'Gloucester and Cheltenham Revisited' by Steve Bartlett.
November 2011. Article by ex-85A engineman William Roberts with a selection of his paintings.
December 2011. The Worcester to Hereford Railway by David Postle. An interesting article with thirty nice photographs.
November 2012. The GW in Worcestershire - 1940s by Rex Kennedy. This fourteen page article recalls the author's early days as a railway enthusiast from World War 2 through to the first years of Nationalisation around Worcester, Evesham, Tenbury Wells, the Black Country and Malvern. 31 black and white photographs gathered together from various sources. Recommended reading.

Steam World

March 1990. Banking on the Lickey by J.D. Wood. Five-page article with six photographs.
June 1990 (*). 85A – home of Vinegar Castle by John Tandy. Four-page article with seven black and white photographs by leading photographers such as R.C.Riley.
March 1991. The Evergreen Castle 4-6-0s by Clem Hussey. Three-page article with five photographs of Worcester engines.
April 1992. Railway Roundabout Story by Patrick B. Whitehouse. Article and photographs about the filming of No.5054 'Earl of Ducie' at Honeybourne in 1964.
May 1997. Bromsgrove and the Lickey by Clem Hussey. Six pages with eight photographs.
March 1999. Lickey Preview and April 1999 The Lickey - England's most infamous Incline by John Edgington. Ten pages into total with fourteen photographs and traffic notes.
June 2001. Two-page colour spread of No.7031 'Cromwells Castle' (85A engine) at Paddington.
April 2004. Flying Carpets from Kidderminster by Paul Chancellor and Brian Moore. Six pages with ten photographs.
July 2005. The Castle Farewell. Four-page article over four pages.
December 2005. 'Hereford & Worcester weeds & all. Chris Gammel on the last train over the Worcester to Bromyard line and then on to Leominster in 1958 - plus other lines in the area, written over five pages with six photographs showing Presteigne station (4571 on the SLS special last train), Easton Court, Kington, Ludlow and Wooferton stations.
November 1995. Return to Worcester by Clem Hussey (*). Full colour article with many photographs.
March 2007. Hiking up from Honeybourne by Brian Hicks. Five pages with eight photographs.


Worcestershire Rail freight In The 1980s by David J. Hayes. A two-part freight feature published in 2014 TRACTION magazines issues 221 & 222 looking at freight traffic passing through Worcester Shrub Hill in the 1980s, but also mentioning the 1970s and 1990s periods. The articles include time tables and have been richly illustrated using a splendid selection of pictures provided by friends including Paul Dorney. Recommmended.

The Severn Valley Railway Guide Book (*)

The first edition of this guide was published by the preservation body in September 1968 and is an invaluable reference in its own right. It contains 60 pages of notes and photographs which by their very nature of of historic interest. The gradient profile of the line is very interesting as are the sketch maps of the stations on the line but perhaps of most interest are the superb selection of photographs many covers the BR era.

Worcester News - 28th November 2005 (*)

Article by Mike Pryce recounting the 1963 theft of one of the nameplates from 'Castle class' 4-6-0 steam locomotive No.7013 'Bristol Castle'. The locomotive was on shed at Worcester at the time of the theft which must have involved several people acting in conspiratorial fashion as the size and weight of the plate would have needed at least two people to carry it away. The nameplate has never been found and nor have the culprits been apprehended.

Worcester Rail Open Days Souvenir Programmes (*)

On 2nd May 1993 and 22nd May 1994 Souvenir Programmes were produced by BR Regional Railways on the occasion of the second and third Worcester 'Open Days. Both programmes are collectible and contain a mixture of notes, anecdotes and interesting hotographs.

Andrew Smith

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