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This purpose of this section of the web site is to provide a place for MIAC members and others to share their observations of locos seen in Worcestershire.

To start off this section, Mick Rock has provided us with many lists of locos seen in Worcestershire during the last years of steam on BR.

Here is an interesting note from Tony Hoskins

Adrian Booth has provided this note:
"I am currently reading a book entitled "Shed Bashing with the Beatles" in which author Phil Mathison recounts stories of his train spotting trips in his teenage years. One such outing was on 14th November 1964 when Phil reports seeing over thirty locomotives on Worcester Shed, including: 5000, 5979-83, 6861-77-78, 6934-95, 7005, 7906-20-28, 44777 and 44919. Phil then did Worcester Works which held just seven locos, namely: 2291, 4619, 6169, 6856, 7011, 8104 and 48309."
Andrew Smith adds that No.5000 "Launceston Castle" and No.7005 "Sir Edward Elgar" were both withdrawn and would shortly be sent to the scrap yards (a photograph taken earlier in November showing both of these locomotives on Worcester's 'dead line' appears in Vanishing Points by Michael Dowty), whilst No.7011 "Banbury Castle" which had been a Worcester engine earlier in 1964, had been transferred to Wolverhampton's Oxley depot and was not withdrawn until the following year.

GERALD R. WADLEY Notebooks and 'The Railway Times'
Gerald Wadley was one of the founder members of the Worcester Locomotive Society and as Secretary he went on many of the early trips organised by the W.L.S. Gerald kept detailed notes of his sightings on these trips and they make fascinating reading in this age when few locomotives linger for long on motive power depots.
However his writing is not easy to read so it will be some time before we can provide more than these couple of shed visits to Worcester.


WLS Membership Card

This interesting item of Worcester Locomotive Society memorabilia is a WLS Membership Card which also served as a receipt for annual subscriptions and as a record of trips taken by the member. We are grateful to Tony Hoskins for permission to show these images.

The shed visits made by the Worcester Locomotive Society in the last days of steam operation in the 1960s are legendary. The image below shows the typical receipt from the WLS, in this case for a memorable trip to Crewe on 24th January 1965.

WLS Booking Form

(From the archives of the MIAC)

The origin of the Worcester Locomotive Society can be tracked back to 1957 when Alan Hodges suggested to Peter Sharpe the formation of a Worcester Group of the Gloucester Branch of the Ian Allan Locospotters Club. After undergoing a bewildering number of changes the name Worcester Locomotive Society was finally agreed in 1960.
David Wood adds:
"I seem to remember that Peter Sharpe who ran the Gloucester Branch of Ian Allan lived at The Nook, Huntley, near Ross-on-Wye and I was in contact with him in 1959.  I booked for a trip (I believe a 7 day Scottish trip) but it did not run. WLS member no 1 was Gerald Wadley, 2 Terry Dowding and 3 John Baldwyn.  They all went to Grammar Schools. John is still alive and lives at Moreton-in-Marsh.  We have been friends for 60 years. I remember going to committee meetings at Gerald's parents house at 55 Redland Road, Malvern Link from about 1963!
"I did try to form the Hereford Branch of Ian Allan in about 1959 when I was a 14 year old school boy at Whitecross School, Hereford.  I was turned down on age grounds!  Thus I turned to the Gloucester Branch and Peter who was always friendly and helpful. David"
Between 1957 and 1960 the following trips were advertised by the Gloucester (G), Gloucester Area Worcester Branch (GAWB), Gloucester L.S.C (Worcester Branch)(GLSCWB), Gloucestershire (GS), Gloucester and Worcester Joint Trip (GWJT), or Gloucester Area (Worcester Group) (GAWG) or Worcester Branches of the Ian Allan Locospotters Club:
North Wales - 22nd September 1957 download (pdf)
Sheffield - Sunday 29th May 1958 (by train) (GAWB)
Northampton and Warwick (GAWG) - Sunday 15th June 1958 (GWJT)(pdf)
South Wales - Thursday 14th August 1958 (GS)

London - Sunday 21st April 1960 (by train) (GS)
Scottish - Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st May 1960 (by train) (GS)
Sheffield - Sunday 29th May 1960 (by train) (GAWB)
Swansea - Thursday 28th July 1960 (GAWB)
Nottingham Area - Sunday 4th September 1960 (by train) (GAWB)
Leicester Area - Sunday 23rd October 1960 (GAWB and GLSCWB)
Central South Wales - Sunday 6th November 1960 (GLSCWB)
Doncaster - Sunday 20th November 1960 (by train) (GAWB and GJSCWB)

From 1957 whilst still at Worcester Royal Grammar School Gerald Wadley was a regular participant on many of these trips and many notebooks survive in the care of the MIAC together with a selection of visit flyers Gerald kept details lists of locomotives seen on these visits, but only if they were "cops".

The following is a list of all shed trips as advertised in the WLS house Magazine "The Big Four" between 1964 and 1968:
Midlands - Sunday 11th December 1960
Doncaster - Sunday 18th December 1960
Eastleigh (including Swindon Works) - Sunday 3rd January 1961
Thursday 6th April 1961 - London (by rail)
Doncaster (by rail) - Sunday 30th April 1961
Staffordshire - 28th May 1961
West London - Sunday 25th June 1961
South-West Wales - Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd July 1961 (No overnight accommodation, but breakfast in Carmarthen!)
"The South Lancastrian" - Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th September 1961 (overnight accommodation in Liverpool
Cambridge - Sunday 15th October 1961
"The Valleys" (South Wales) - Sunday 12th November 1961
"The Valleys" (South Wales) - Sunday 19th November 1961(repeat of tour on 12th November)
Midlands - Sunday 10th December 1961
N.E. Wales (sic), but actually to Crewe and Stoke areas - Sunday 16th January 1962 (subsequently postponed until 11th February
Nine Day Scotland - 12th to 22nd August 1962 (the Society's first nine-day (eleven!) Scottish)
Black Country - Sunday 14th January 1962
"Southern Belle" (Southern Region) Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th April 1962 (overnight accommodation at Brighton)
"Hampsets" (Bournemouth & Somerset & Dorset areas) - Sunday 6th May 1962
"Heads of the Valleys" (South Wales) - Sunday 6th May 1962
Birmingham and Black Country - Sunday 23rd September 1962
South Yorkshire & Lancashire Two-day - Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th October 1962
Midlands Area - Sunday 21st October 1962
East Midlands - Sunday 4th November 1962
"Great Western" (Bristol) - Sunday 6th January 1963
"Heads of the Valleys" (South Wales) - Sunday 20th January 1963
South Wales - Sunday 3rd February 1963
East Midlands - Sunday 17th February 1963
Lancashire - Sunday 3rd March 1963
S.E. Wales - Sunday 17th March 1963 (instead of a planned Sheffield Trip)
London - Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th April 1963 (overnight accommodation in London)
Carlisle - Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th May 1963 (overnight accommodation at Carlisle)
Birmingham (including Worcester) - Sunday 26th May 1963
Doncaster - Sunday 9th June 1963
North Wales - Saturday and Sunday 22nd and 23rd June 1963 (overnight accommodation in Bangor)
West Country - Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st July 1963
"Derby Road-Rail" - Sunday 21st July 1963 (planned but subsequently cancelled)
Scottish - Saturdays 10th to 17th August 1963
Liverpool - Sunday 25th August 1963
West Country - Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th September 1963
North East Two-day - Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th October 1963
London - Sunday 13th October 1963
Leeds - Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th October 1963
Manchester - Sunday 10th November 1963
South Wales - Sunday 24th November 1963
Black Country - Sunday 8th December 1963
Scottish - Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th January 1964 (by train departing on Friday evening and returning on Monday morning)
Crewe - Sunday 12th January 1964
Swindon (by train) - Sunday 26th January 1964 (later cancelled)
Wales - Sunday 9th or 16th February 1964 (later cancelled)
Black Country - Sunday 9th February 1964
Rugby & Leicester (originally to have been a London Trip) - Sunday 1st March 1964
Bristol - Sunday 15th March 1964
South Wales - Sunday 22nd March 1964 (planned but subsequently cancelled)
London and Brighton - Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th April 1964
Nottingham - Sunday 28th June 1964
Leicester and Rugby - Sunday 19th July 1964
Scottish - Saturday 8th August to Sunday 16th August 1964
Crewe - Sunday 9th August 1964
West Country - Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th September 1964 (overnight stay at Weymouth)
Liverpool - Sunday 4th October 1964
Leeds - Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th October 1964
Peterborough - Sunday 8th November 1964
Swindon - Sunday 6th December 1964
Scottish - Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd January 1965
Crewe - Sunday 24th January 1965
Midlands - Sunday 14th February 1965
Liverpool - Sunday 7th March 1965
Derby - Sunday 28th March 1965
Peterborough - Sunday 11th April 1965
Carlisle - Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd May 1965
Sheffield - Sunday 23rd May 1965
Eastleigh - Sunday 13th June 1965
North Wales - Saturday & Sunday 26th and 27th June 1965
Birmingham - Sunday 18th July 1965
South Wales - Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th July 1965
Scottish Nine-day - Saturday 7th August to Sunday 15th August 1965
Crewe - Sunday 22nd August 1966
London Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th September 1965
Manchester - Sunday 26th September 1965
Leeds - Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th October 1965
Crewe - Sunday 31st October 1965
Derby - Sunday 14th November 1965
Central England - Sunday 28th November 1965
Liverpool - Sunday 12th December 1965
Scottish - Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th January 1966
Birmingham - Sunday 23rd January 1966
South Wales - Sunday 6th February 1966
Crewe - Sunday 20th January 1966
Manchester - Sunday 6th March 1966
Derby - Sunday 20th March 1966
North Eastern - Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd April 1966
Sheffield - Sunday 24th April 1966
West Country - Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th May 1966
Eastleigh Minibus - Sunday 8th May 1966
Liverpool - Sunday 22nd May 1966
Carlisle - Saturday & Sunday 4th and 5th June 196
London - Sunday 19th June 1966
East Anglia - Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd July 1966
Manchester - Sunday 17th July 1966
Nine-day Summer Tour - Saturday 6th August to Sunday 14th August 1966
Eastleigh - Sunday 21st August 1966
Peterborough - Sunday 4th September 1966
London - Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th September 1966
South East England - Sunday 2nd October 1966
Leeds - Saturday and Sunday 15th and 16th October 1966
Crewe - Sunday 30th October 1966
Liverpool - Sunday 13th November 1966
South Wales - Sunday 20th November 1966
Derby - Sunday 27th November 1966
Birmingham - Sunday 11th December 1966
Scottish - Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th January 1967
Manchester - Sunday 22nd January 1967
Sheffield - Sunday 5th February 1967
Peterborough - Sunday 19th February 1967
South Wales - Sunday 5th March 1967
Crewe -Sunday 19th March 1967
North-East - Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd April 1967 (overnight in Darlington)
Liverpool - Sunday 16th April 1967
West Country - Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th May 1967 (overnight in Weymouth)
London - Sunday 21st May 1967
Carlisle Two-day - 10th and 11th June 1967
Derby - Sunday 18th June 1967
South Wales - Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd July 1967 (overnight in Swansea)
Manchester - Sunday 16th July 1967
North Wales Narrow-gauge Railways - Sunday 23rd July 1967
East Anglia -Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th August 1967 (overnight in Ipswich)
Summer 9-day - Saturday 19th August 1967 to Sunday 26th August 1967
Sheffield - Sunday 3rd September 1967
Lancashire - Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th September1967
London - Sunday 1st October 1967
Leeds Two-day - Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th October 1967
Crewe - Sunday 29th October 1967
South Wales - Sunday 12th November 1967
Derby - Sunday 26th November 1967
Liverpool - Sunday 10th December 1967
Scottish Two-day - Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th January 1968 (overnight in Dundee)
Manchester - Sunday 21st January 1968
Swindon and Bristol - Sunday 4th Febraury 1968
Crewe - Sunday 18th February 1968
South Wales - Sunday 3rd Match 1968
East Anglia - Sunday 17th March 1968
North East Two-day - Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st April 1968 (overnight in Darlington)
London - Sunday 5th May 1968
West Country Two-day - Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th May 1968 (overnight in Weymouth)
Humber - Sunday 3rd June 1968
South Wales - Sunday 16th June 1968
(Later trips still to listed)
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