Railways in Worcestershire

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Acknowledgements - Railways in Worcestershire


Other Publications that have been consulted and are of interest:

Worcester Wish You Were Here, Michael Dowty, Parkbarn, 1993, ISBN 1 898097 01 1. This book includes photographs taken at Worcester engine shed on 31st December 1965.

Around Worcester in Old Photographs collected by Ray Jones, Alan Sutton Publishing, 1992, ISBN 0-7509-0158-6. Includes photos at Worcester stations and Norton Halt.

Unseen Worcester by Ray Jones, Parkbarn, 1998, ISBN 1 898097 04 6. This book includes a rare 1930s photograph at Astwood Halt, some nice trams photographs and railway horses at Shrub Hill.

A Short History of the Worcester & Hereford Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1839-1989, Alastair Clarke, Severnside Printers Limited. This book contains a lot of background about prominent Victorian industrialists and factories in Worcester. There are one of two factual errors though such as reference to the Worcestershire Exhibition of 1862 instead of 1882.

John Corbett Pillar Of Salt 1817-1901, Barbara Middlemass and Joe Hunt, Saltway Press, 1985, ISBN 0 9510463 06. For information about the Salt Industry.

The Mid-Worcestershire Salt Industry unpublished manuscript by Alf Nickling, 1970. For information about the Salt Industry.

Stoke Works - Memories of Our Village, Eunice James-Stainton, 2003.

History of Hollymoor Hospital, Fay Crofts, Brewin Books Ltd, 1998, ISBN 1 858581 30 3. For information on Hollymoor Hospital.

Atlas of the Great Western Railway 1947, R.A.Cooke, Wild Swan Publications, 1995, ISBN 1 874 103 380. Track layouts and sidings.

Forgotten Railways, Vol. 10 - The West Midlands, Rex Christiansen, David & Charles, 1985, ISBN 0 946537 01 1. Background information particularly in the north of the county.

A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, Volume 7, The West Midlands, Rex Christiansen, David & Charles, 1973, ISBN 0 946537 00 3. Historical information.

A Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, Volume 13, Thames & Severn, Rex Christiansen, David & Charles, 1981, ISBN 0 7153 8004 4. Historical information.

The Great Western in the West Midlands, P.B.Whitehouse, Oxford Publishing Co, ISBN 0 860931 87 0). Historical information.

GWR Branch Lines, C.J.Gammell, Oxford Publishing Company, 1995, ISBN 0 860935 21 3. Historical information.

Diesels in the West Midlands,Geoff Dowling & John Whitehouse, Oxford Publishing Company, 1986, ISBN 0-86093-357-1. Diesels in the 1970s and 1980s.

Worcestershire Exhibition, 1882. Report of the various sections, W.E.Tucker & Co, 1882.

Worcestershire Exhibition 1882. Official Catalogue (revised edition), W.E.Tucker & Co, 1882.

The Lickey Incline, H.C.Casserley, The Oakwood Press, 1976. History of the incline.

Over The Lickey! Donald J.M.Smith and Derek Harrison, Peter Watts Publishing Limited, 1990, ISBN 0 906025 71 0. Historical information with useful appendices.

The Railway History of Bromsgrove and the Lickey Incline, Roger Davies, Bromsgrove Steam Enthusiasts Club.

Bromsgrove Now and Then, Alan Richards, The Bromsgrove Society, 1988, ISBN 0 9509471 3X for information about Garringtons of Bromsgrove.

The Railways of Rubery and the Lickey Hills. Unattributed manuscript deposited at Rubery Public Library.

Worcestershire Salt. A History of Stoke Prior Salt Works, Rev.Alan White, Halfshire Books, 1996, ISBN 1 8990623 061 7. Information about the railway at the salt works.

Angry Skies Across The Vale by Brian Kedward, ISBN 0 952702 20 4. Information about Honeybourne and Pershore airfields.

Kays of Worcester by Bernard Mills, Flag Publishing Ltd, 2003, ISBN 0 954666 20 8.

Old Worcester - People and Places by Bill Gwilliam, Halfshire Books, 1993, ISBN 0 9513525 9 8.. Trams and Victoriana.

A Short History of the Worcester Tramways by H.H.Grundy. Trams.

Worcester in Old Picture Postcards, Brian R.Owen , European Library,1992, ISBN 90 288 5402 9. Old postcards.

Old Worcester as seen through the Camera, Clive and Malcolm Haynes, Barracuda Books Ltd, 1986, ISBN 0 86023 249 2. Old postcards and photographs.

Worcester in Recent Times, Bill Meadows and Geoffrey Hopcroft, Parkbarn, 1995, ISBN 1 898097 02 X. Worcester in the 1960s and 1970s.

Worcester Shrub Hill 150, John Boynton, Evesham Printers Ltd, 2002, ISBN 95222 48 87. Souvenir of 150 years of railways at Worcester.

A Postcard From the Lickeys, Joe & Frances Brannan, Brewin Books, 1989, ISBN 0 947731 53 9. 108 pages of old postcards.

Birmingham, Paul Collins, Ian Allan, 1989, ISBN 0 7110 2005 1. Photograph album.

The Lost Railways of Birmingham, Keith Turner, Brewin Books, 1991, ISBN 0 947731 89 X. Photograph album.

Pre-Grouping in the West Midlands, P.B.Whitehouse, Oxford Publishing Company, 1984, ISBN 0-86093-328-8. Historical Information.

Stourbridge Times Past, H.Jack Hudson, 1980, ISBN 0 861570 45 6. History of Stourbridge.

The Honeybourne Line, Colin Maggs & Peter Nicholson, Line One Publishing Ltd, 1985, ISBN 0 907016 12 0. This book contains 96 pages with a wealth of maps and many photographs. Commended.

A Century of Railways (three volumes), John Boynton, 1997 - 1999, ISBN's 0 952224 84/4, 85/2 and 86/0. Railways around Birmingham.

Great Western Diesel Railcars, J.H.Russell, Wild Swan Publications Ltd, 1985, ISBN 0 906867 30 4. This is a detailed survey of the fleet of GWR diesel railcars that were a familiar sight in Worcestershire until withdrawal in the early 1960s.

Malvern Through Time, Brian Iles, Amberley Publishing, 2009, 'ISBN 978 1 84868 223 8). A 'then and now' style picture book packed with fascinating facts about Malvern from an author with expert knowledge of his subject.

Worcester Evening News, Berrows Journal and Malvern Gazette.


This is a list of those individuals who have kindly supplied information and photographs etc for use on this site. If I've missed anyone out, then sorry and if you email me I'll put it right straight away.

Chris Bailey for information about locomotives built in Worcester.

Vic J. Bradley for locomotive histories.

Phil Bullock for observations in the Worcester area, help, advice and photographs.

Gordon Campbell for photographs showing railwaymen at Worcester in the 1960s.

W. (Bill).H.Carey retired staff officer at Worcester.

Doug Carver, retired fireman at Evesham.

Gordon Chrzan for a photograph of narrow gauge track at CEGB Stourport Power Station.

Ian Clay for photographs.

Frederick A.Cole (now deceased), former Locomotive Depot Master at Worcester.

John Crocker for use of photographs from the collection of his father, Ted Crocker.

Paul Dallimore for notes and corrections on RAF Pershore.

Ray Diver, former employee of the Western Region at Worcester.

Andrew Doherty for information on railways around Birmingham.

Roy Etherington for the donation of a large number of BR timetables from the 1950s and 1960s.

Howard Griffiths for help and advice (and for being a long suffering supporter of Worcester City Football Club).

David Hall for information about Cadburys.

Roger Hateley for maps and photographs.

Tony Hoskins for WLS memorabilia and trip reports.

Ray Humphries for details of shed visits.

Mike King for the use of photographs.

Andrew Lait for details of stored locomotives at Worcester.

Kevin Lawrence of Froude Hofmann for identifying the dynamometer shown on the Heenan & Froude page,

Trevor Lodge for locomotive information.

Geoffrey Loynes for information about Covercroft salt works.

Peter Martin for two photographs and other information about Stourbridge Junction Shed

Doreen Niblett for information and photograph at Heenan & Froude Ltd

Brian Ovington for corrections to captions

Brian Parsons, former fireman at Worcester locomotive depot.

Derek Parsons, for permission to use three photographs taken at Worcester and Honeybourne.

Brian Penney, former apprentice at Worcester for use of three photographs taken in the 1905s

Peter Pascall former employee of Hunslet Engine Co Ltd for photograph of HE 3855.

Ian Preece, relative of John Corbett 'The Salt King'.

Gareth Price for information and photographs on former Cadbury Brothers Ltd wagons on the Severn Valley Railway.

Keith Riley for observations on locomotives at Worcester.

Colin Robey for loan of photographs and memorabilia.

Mick Rock for the use of his photographs and loco observations

Chris Swallow for details of stored locomotives at Worcester.

Peter Tandy for train working information etc.

John A. Thickitt for notes on a visit to Worcester on 20th November 1965 and a loco at Oxley on 29th December 1965..

Tony Thomas for information about Associated Locomotive Engineering Ltd.

Chris Wilkinson for use of his photogrpahs, help and advice etc.


This is a list of organisations who have kindly supplied information and photographs etc for use on this site. If I've missed anyone out, then sorry and if you email me I'll put it right straight away.

Birmingham Central Library.

Bromsgrove Library.

Cadburys plc.

Centro (West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive).

Industrial Railway Society.

Malvern Hills Conservators.

Newsquest (Midlands) Ltd for information about Droitwich and access to the book 'Droitwich Spa Memory Lane' by Peter McMillan and Christine Doherty.

Rubery Library.

Worcester History Centre.

Worcester Record Office.

Web Sites

This is a list of interesting web sites that contain information about the railways of Worcestershire and related aspects of railway history. If you know of any more I'd be pleased to add them to this section.

Halesowen Line

Worcester Locomotive Society

Littleton & Badsey Station

Gloucestershire Worcestershire Railwayana Auctions

Phil Blann: Phil Blann Photography

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