Railways in Worcestershire

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Worcestershire Railways from 1967 to 1969



All photographs on this page were taken by and are the copyright of Andrew Smith unless otherwise credited.

During the period from late 1966 until 1969 the old steam shed at Worcester was used for the temporary storage of a large number of diesel locomotives. These locomotives were surplus to requirements and many were sold to private owners whilst others went for scrap.

The first locomotives to be stored at Worcester started arriving in the middle of December 1966, just before the start of the school holiday. It had been intended to transfer the entire class to the North Eastern Region of British Railways. However, in the event, only 20 locomotives were transferred to Hull in December 1966 and some of those at Worcester were returned to service on the Western Region. It is quite probable that all 20 of those transferred to Hull passed through Worcester at this time as this was used as the staging point from which the locomotives were gathered together in batches before being sent north. The last to leave was D9554. Four more locomotives arrived in April or May 1967 for storage and these also went to Hull. A further six locomotives arrived towards the end of 1967 or early 1968 but two soon returned to service and the other four were all despatched to scrapyards in 1968. The final locomotive (D9501) arrived around April 1968 and was sold for scrap later the same year.

The Swindon built 204hp diesel shunters were a familiar sight at Worcester as engines of the class had been allocated since 1960. Most of the class 03 shunters that were stored at Worcester were in a serviceable condition and if the depot was short of motive power one or more would be used to cover the shortage.

The arrival of six Bristol allocated North British class 22 diesel hydraulic locomotives at Worcester in 1968 was somewhat of a surprise as the class had rarely been seen service at Worcester. The six locomotives that were eventually stored at Worcester saw no further service and were all despatched for scrap to Cashmore’s of Newport in South Wales where four were noted awaiting scrap on 7th June 1969 with the other two presumed to have already been dealt with by the dismantlers.

On 16th October 1967 there was a spectacular fire at Worcester that destroyed the sheet metal works.

In the autumn of 1967 'Hymek' class 35 diesel locomotives replaced the class 37s that had been in use since 1964. The transition to 'Hymek' use was completed in November 1967.

There are no photographs from 1967.


On 4th August 1968 Worcester Wagon Works closed.

D6316 & D6321 stored at Worcester on 24th July 1968

This photograph from inside the cab of a stored locomotive shows class 22s Nos.D6316 and D6322 stored inside the Goods Shed at Worcester on 24th July 1968. The photograph was taken by Adrian Booth.


D7065 at Worcester on 26/7/1968

During the late 1960s many passenger and freight services operated from Worcester shed were in the hands of class 35 diesel hydraulic locomotives. Adrian Booth photographed No.D7065 on Worcester Engine Sheds on 26th July 1968.

D849 at Worcester

By the time this photograph was taken by Adrian Booth on 26th July 1968 more substantial motive power had arrived (from March 1968) for use on the London to Worcester and Hereford express passenger services. This came in the form of 'Warship' class 43 North British built 2,200hp diesel locomotives. This is No.D849 'Superb' stabled alongside the fuelling point at Worcester. To the right of the locomotive is the modernised Passenger Engine shed . The Passenger Engine shed had been converted to contain one through line (hidden on the far right of this photograph) and one siding line into the shed (the former centre line) plus the line to the fuelling point. The roof of the former Goods Engine shed can be viewed behind the locomotive. The 'Warships' lasted until the end of September 1971.


In February 1969 the engine repair workshops were demolished.

On 12th April 1969 BR held the first open day at Worcester Diesel Depot. BR produced a leaflet for the event and several page are reproduced below (photographs by courtesy of Brian Penney).

Worcester Open Day

Worcester Open Day

Worcester Open Day

On 5th May 1969 Honeybourne Station was closed. Pressure from local residents saw it reopened in 1981.

No.D1642 at Malvern Link

Class 47 diesel locomotive No.(D)1642 at Malvern Link Station on 13th August 1969 with a train a Mark 1 carriages, the first of which appears to have had a recent re-paint. Photograph taken by Robert Cooke.

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