Railways in Worcestershire

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Leigh Court Station


Grid Reference: SO 782537

Leigh Leigh Court Station map c1930

Leigh Court was the first station on the branch line to Bromyard. It was opened in 1874 and consisted of a single platform on the south side of the line with a small brick station building and signal box . There was also a small yard. There were no passing facilities. It served the nearby hamlet of Leigh. The map (above) is an extract from a 1930s Ordnance Survey map.

After closure the station buildings were abandoned and substantial remains were still in place in 2012 as seen in the four photographs below:

Leigh Court Signal Box

This photograph shows the remains of the signal box that was on the station platform.

Leigh Court Station

This photograph was taken on the remains of the platform looking towards Worcester.

Leigh Court Station

The view from the approach road of the remains of the station building.

Leigh Court Station

The inside of the station building showing one of the two fireplaces.

All four photographs taken by Andrew Smith on 19th November 2012.

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