Railways in Worcestershire

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Bomfords Fladbury


Grid Reference: SO

The location of these sidings can easily been seen on the map that covers Fladbury and Pershore. The sidings run south and west from the station to a farm called 'Springhill Farm' on the map. Originally this farm was part of the Bomford estate from which the sidings got their name. They were certainly still extant in 1947 but the exact date of closure is not known.

Bill Ould (who supplied the photographs on this page) states that loaded fruit wagons were moved along the branch using an arrangement that allowed one horse on each side of the leading wagon. This was later superceded by a tractor which pushed the wagons along the branch line. Apparently the fruit trade collapsed shortly after World War 2 and this may have led to the closure of the line.

Further information would be welcomed as would any photos of traffic on the branch.

Bill Ould took the following photographs on 18/1/2006 when he noted that some of the surviving rail is 'folded section' whilst other is 'rolled section'. There was a 12ft wide gate that might have allowed for 2 lines to run side by side. Although some rail was still in place other lay alongside the fence. A disc showing the GWR boundary was alongside the main line.

Bomfords Siding

Photographs by courtesy of Bill Ould.

Fladbury Station

Charlton Sidings


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