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Class 66 locomotives





Welcome from

Andrew Smith and Adrian Booth

to our Class 66 photograph web site.

On this site we intend to publish a photograph of each and every Class 66 locomotive.

Please feel free to download any photographs for your own collection. We will readily consider giving permission for you to use our photographs in any commercial venture but please email us (see below) for permission.

On the following pages the Class 66 locomotive numbers are listed, and against each entry is given details of the location and date of each photograph. To save space, the photographer's initials only are shown, viz ACS for pictures taken by Andrew Smith (andrew), and AJB (Adrian) for photographs taken by Adrian Booth.

From April 2011 we are replacing older photographs with newer ones.

Running totals:

66/0 - ALL DONE

66/3 - Only ONE more to go!

66/4 - 26 locomotives

66/5 - ALL DONE

66/6 - Only ONE more to go!

66/7 - The 2014 New ones to do

66/8 - 5 locomotives

66/9 - ALL DONE

Overseas - 7 locomotives

NEW 22/12/2016 66777 66776 66745

NEW: 11/10/2016 66778

NEW: 30/5/2016 66775

NEW: 1/3/2016 66774

NEW: 31/10/2015 66769 66134

Andrew Smith (ACS)

Adrian Booth (AJB)


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